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8.   The signs of the New "Cultural Revolution"

In the 7th part of his secret report Wang Lequan has to recognize that at  present the Communist government has lost support of the population of Eastern Turkestan, that the anti-Chinese forces has won Uygurs' hearts on their side, and what is extremely important the young people do not keep loyalty to the communist party and Mao Zedong. Regretting on this matter he said: "Why the pupils and teachers do not keep loyalty to the Communist Party, Socialism, New China and Mao Zedong? Because they do not know well what they really have done.  They have trusted those who had said, "they are  the heads of robbers" and have torn the pictures of Mao Zedong. But who gives the people happiness? Not those scoundrels rising the ethnic and religious banners, but the Communist party and the government. These scoundrels have won the people on their side without doing any good deeds, but rising the ethnic and religious banners. And we even doing a lot for the people are loosing the people's support, why?"

Dear compatriots, here Wang Lequan openly confirms that the Communist  Party, which has 78-year history, has got into pitiful and hopeless  situation. Poor Wang Lequan could not find answers to his questions here,  but the whole people of Eastern Turkestan from little children to old people can answer these questions! It is because the Communist Party has never treated the people of Eastern Turkestan as human beings, it considered them to be slaves, the people of Eastern Turkestan lived during last 50 years of the Communist rule being deprived their principle human rights. Those who demanded of their human rights were suppressed, detained, tortured, killed…let us just look at the suppression of the people in the Hotan region during the last 8 years: according to the information of "Eastern Turkestan Information Center" based on the documents, since the 9th month of the last  year only in the Hotan region 71 Uygurs  were detained and then shot being arbitrarily accused in "unlawful ethnic separatist activities", 917 Uygurs were arrested. This kind of bloody suppression is having been continued during last 50 years! 3 years ago the Chinese military forces killed more then 300 non armed Uygur young people in the town of Guljia. Are these the Communist Party's good deeds that Wang Lequan told about? Is it due to the Communist Part that the region of Hotan is known tobe the most backward region of Xinjang during the last 50 years? Even in the most backward African countries income for one person is higher than that in the Eastern Turkestan!  This is the "happiness" that the Communist Party brought to the  Hotan people. So the reason of the fact that the Communist Party has lost the people is to be sought in the nature and talent of the Communist Party itself!

Then why could the anti-Chinese armed forces in Eastern Turkestan won the  hearts of the Uygurs? The answer to this question is also very simple: because these forces are struggling not for their own but for their people's interest, try to defend bravely  their human rights  and devote their youth and precious lives to this struggle! Did not the young Uyghur Kuresh become a victim of this struggle last time in Hotan? So, this is the main reason of that the Uygur people cordially accept them, since the Uygur people can distinguish between the truth and untruth, sincerity and insincerity!  The Communist power being in perplexity in Eastern Turkestan does not know what to do now, in order to change this situation it has worked out a concrete plan of taking political actions in the sphere of education under the absurd and funny slogans like those that were popular during the period  of Cultural Revolution: "to remember the past", "to remember the concern of  Communist Party and Chairman Mao". More absurdly is that Wang Lequan thinks that it is necessary to propagate "very impressive" case when a poor man from Hotan by name Qurban Tulum has gone to Beijing on a donkey to see the Chairman Mao. Wang Lequan " instructed" in detail: "it is necessary to compose the special textbooks for the cadres, teachers and students, beside those planned materials, we also must strengthen training the pupils and young teachers from Hotan explaining the difference between the old and e tnew society…in bygone days Qurban Tulum sincerely went on the donkey to see  the Chairman Mao, why? Because he was from the old society, where the people had been exploited like animals, in the new society they became the musters themselves, they were given land, so at that time their love to the Communist Party and the Chairman Mao were extreme, but what about nowadays? Everywhere people feel offended, so it is very important to compare the new society with the old one, we should be in step with the future science and technology, but in the ideological upbringing we should look not only forward but also at the past, by this way we must strengthen the people's trust to the Communist Party, New Socialist China and Chairman Mao".

Really as Wang Lequan told, during the first years of the Communist rule many naïve people like Qurban Tulum trusted propaganda words of the Communist Party camouflaging itself with the mask of the angel, but the Uygur people very soon revealed its real essence! Wang Lequan told in his speech that the Communist Party had provided the Uygurs with land, which was allegedly party's great concern for the people, but whose land did the Communist Party give the Uygurs? Of cause it was the Uygur land - the Communist party confiscated it from Uyghurs to give it to other Uygurs! Uygurs never differentiated between the "old society" and "new society" because all periods of the colonial life were the same for Uygurs! The same is with the present situation!

The Wang Lequan words are insulting for the Uygurs. He said the following nonsense: " In bygone days there was a class struggle, when the New China has been built up, the exploitation was abolished, and the people gradually forgot the Chairman Mao, so now let the old communists and the old cadres speak to the young people in order to explain them the Party's concern for the people, this point is very important for the pupils and teachers. For instance where the food products, the resident places and the water from water-pipe came from in Hotan? In the past the people drank the smelly water of the ponds for several thousand years. We must compare all this instances."

Dear compatriots, these Wang Lequans words are very typical example of that the Chinese Communist Party considers the people of Eastern Turkestan to be animals! The world community knows well and recognizes the contribution made by the Uygurs to civilization during several thousand years, if we look at the history of Uygurs we can see that only during the periods of the independent existence the Uygurs could develop and prosper. This may be confirmed by the periods of Uygur Kaghanate, Uygur Kocho Kingdom, Karahkanid Khanate, the State of Saidiya (Moghulia) etc. On the contrary the periods of the submission to other peoples were the periods of depression  starvation and devastation. So which of the occupants brought the food and water to the people of Eastern Turkestan? What absurd is the statement that the people of  Eastern Turkestan drank smelly water of the ponds for thousand years and that only the Communist Party gave them opportunity to drink clean water from the water-pipe! Was it the newspaper "Urumchi evening" that published recently the legends of how the Chinese Heaven King Yudiniying with his  spouse angel Wang Munang descended from Heaven to the lake of Bugda in Eastern Turkestan and had a bath here, in the cleanest fragrant water of the lake? Was it the Communist party that informed the world that they had ascertained the chemical pollution of the water in the Lake in Hotan region in the result of which in 1986 within a few months several thousand Ughurs died in the region of Hotan felling ill with the liver decease? Where was the water from the water pipe at that time? Are the mass media informing the  world that in the result of the nuclear weapon test of the Chinese State  since 1964 in Eastern Turkestan the rivers and the lakes of this land are getting dry, the water is being polluted by the nuclear radiation that brings very hard disasters to Uygurs? So the sources of the problems that  Wang Lequan told about must be sought in the Communist system!

Due to the Wang Lequan's report it is obvious that the ideas and slogans of  the period of "Cultural Revolution" are being restored nowadays in Eastern Turkestan to resolve the political problems. Everybody knows, that in 1978  at the 3d meeting of the 11th plenum of the Communist Party of China the "Cultural Revolution" has been condemned as an event that has brought enormous disasters to the people of China. And now the Communist Party is restoring the practice of the "Cultural Revolution" in Eastern Turkestan. What does this testify then? It shows the hopelessness and hypocrisy of the Communist Party.   

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