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9.   The different results of the true and untrue propaganda

In his secret speech in Hotan Wang Lequan told about necessity to struggle against the anti-Chinese internal and external propaganda. He told that  these forces could attract the Uygurs in Eastern Turkestan and accused them in instigating the Uygur uprisings against the Chinese government. He repeatedly told that all means of the propaganda, which the Communist Party possesses, must be used in the struggle against the enemies..

Wang Lequan said: "Our propaganda organs under the leadership of the Party must thoroughly research the methods to stand against the reactionary propaganda of the enemies, of their hostile radios and some reactionary propaganda materials in the society, and to find out the ways to fight  against them. The enemies using these methods are instigating the people and  attracting them to their side, using our ruling position we must propagate against these forces, revealing and criticizing the enemies, and thus  opening the eyes of the people, this is not only the problem of the  methods".

Dear compatriots, the above quotation  on one hand points that the  propaganda methods of the Chinese Communists in spite of the long 50 years  period of active working in Eastern Turkestan proved to be useless and  wretched organs to the eyes of Uygurs, on the other hand it shows the defeat  of the communist propaganda in the struggle between the opposite ideologies.  The aims of the Chinese communist propaganda, which has 50 years of history  in Eastern Turkestan, was to poison the minds of the Uygurs by the malicious  microbes of socialist ideology through the ideological means and organs that  the governmental Party has in its possession, and by this way to strengthen  the Chinese colonial position in Eastern Turkestan. Their goal was to  destroy the Uygurs inner development, to abolish ethnic consciousness, and  finally to liquidate them through assimilation.

Another point to be stressed in the speech of Wang Lequan is special
mention of the "Radio of enemies". This expression is frequently used not  only in the Wang Lequan's report, but also by Chinese mass media over last  years. What is the Radio mentioned by the Chinese? Of cause this is the only  Radio that informs the external world about the events taken place in  Eastern Turkestan, your favorite "Radio Free Asia", which became the only  true voice of the Uygurs. During very short time of its existence this radio  could attract attention of Uygurs inside and outside the Motherland,  becoming a mirror for the people of Eastern Turkestan, which had been  isolated by the Chinese government from the external world, to see what is  happening in the outer world. Why is the Chinese government so afraid of  this Radio and condemns it? Because it tells the truth, giving the  opportunity to the Uygurs to differentiate between the truth and untruth,  justice and injustice, making possible for the Uygurs isolated from the  world for a long time to understand the world, at the same time it defends  the Uygur people deprived by the colonial regime not the means of labor but  the principle human rights. By doing this the Radio has won their hearts!  Then why the Chinese communist propaganda organs having every facilities in  their possession could not find the way to the hearts of the Uygurs? If we  take their radio facilities only, we can see that they have 41 radio  stations set by the Chinese government in Eastern Turkestan, working on the  long and short waves, more than 80 districts have access to radio, about one  thousand of villages have their own local radio stations, only 41 radio  stations mentioned above have more than 300 hours of broadcasting. Why the  Uygurs having these possibilities have to listen to  the programs of the   "Radio Free Asia"? Because no one of these Chinese radios tells the truth  mixing truth with untruth, good things with bad ones, because they can  listen in their  programs  the voice of not the Uygur people, but of the hostile colonial regime, so the Uygur people realizing that, has finally  found its own radio! In this case I want to remind my compatriots, that I  was working as journalist for the "Xinjiang People Radio station" in Urumchi  8 years, since September 1985 till 1993, even was the editor of the Uygur  reporters Section. Due to my practiccal work I understood well that all  Chinese propaganda organs (not only radio) propagate the false information,  they never concern the interests of the Uygur people, never let the Uygur  voice to sound in their programs pressing on Uygurs from different sides, no  one Uygur can tell truth in these Chinese radio broadcastings! At present  the Uygur people got sick of the Chinese propaganda because of its false  nature.

Not recognizing his defeat, in his speech Wang Lequan gave a detailed  instruction on the actions that should be undertaken in the field of  propaganda to change its present position. He said:  " Taking into account  the changes taken place in Xinjiang and Hotan, that there is now few people  who has not clothes to wear and food to eat in comparison with the past when  a lot of people did not have food and clothes, by implementing the policy of  "open doors", the policy of State's concern for the people, it is necessary  to propagate to strengthen the policy of developing Xinjiang and increasing   people's living standards". Aren't these the old "songs" that the Chinese  government sang during last 50 years? What is the next campaign that the  Chinese Communist will call for?  Maybe it will be the campaign of  exterminating the Uygur people? All this absurd told by Wang Lequan are the  signs of the wretched position of the Chinese Communist rule in Eastern  Turkestan.    

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